Finbar Magee is a singer-songwriter from Co Armagh.  He has recorded two albums - Strawberry Winters in 2006 and The Ships of Fools in 2011.  His songs have been covered by Goitse, Rudeigin, Janet Dowd, Joe McKeague, Sinead Willox and others.  
The recording of his third album was rudely interrupted by a pandemic.  
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This song was a commissioned piece, written for the Anamchairde Kindred Spirits project which celebrated the link between the Choctaw and Irish which was forged as a result of the incredible generosity of the Choctaw people to the Irish Famine relief.  Despite having been driven from their homelands  on the 'Trail of Tears' where they lost over half their population, they still had the compassion to raise $170 to help the starving Irish in 1847.

Stepping Stones

In January 2020 Sinead Willox recorded 'Stepping Stones' a song I'd written 20 years previously but had never recorded.  I was delighted to play on the recording along with Sinead, Larry Harte, Conor Mallon, Damien Cullen and Aisling McCourt.  This was recorded by Joseph & Donna Murray at Sessions in the House in Castledawson.  I enjoyed the recording experience there so much I returned to Sessions in the House a few weeks later to record 'Take me back to Fiddlers Green'.

Take me back to Fiddler's Green

In February 2020 just a few weeks before lockdown we visited Sessions in the House to record this song.  This was co-written with Aidan Lester who is originally from Warrenpoint but now lives in San Francisco.  I was joined once again by Breige and Conor who played on 'Stepping Stones'.

Usually Orange marchers and followers are blessed with sunshine - NO WONDER - IT'S MID JULY!  When I was a kid our father used this as a landmark to cut the hay - which got me thinking "Who put our holiday in the middle of MARCH!?".  This ditty was written about 10 years ago but just got a round to getting it recorded.