Born in rural County Armagh, Finbar got his first taste of music in his teens playing rock in the Newry-Dundalk area.

He set aside music to study mathematics at Sheffield which led to a year teaching in West London. Here he met and played briefly with Gus Isadore (Kiss from the Rose) before returning to Ireland to continue his studies.   Finbar says "Apart from the occasional party I didn’t play much in those years but sporadically I felt the impulse to write... usually about social issues that would bug me - with the occasional slant of humour and satire”.

One night at a party, music promoter Nigel Martin heard Finbar sing “My Belfast Love” to which Nigel encouraged,  “It’s time you did something with those songs!” Nigel put Finbar in contact with Peter O’Hanlon in 2006 and Strawberry Winters was recorded.  This was well received:

“A razor sharp Ulster wit...” – Irish Music magazine

“Bullet-proof writing...” – Devon Sproule. 

Finbar settled in Newry in 2007 and started writing more.  He recorded The Ship of Fools in 2011, once again with Peter O'Hanlon in Strabane, Co Tyrone.  He has since collaborated on many projects and is currently working on his third album.