The Wee Punk of the Town @ Spirit Store

"Sorry, the guitar is out of tune! I need my ears syringed.
Recorded 22/05/2011 in the Spirit Store in Dundalk at the regular Traditional Session.
This song won the Girvan Song Competition 2011"

The Wee Punk of the Town - Lyrics

It was in the town of Newry
By Avenue St. Mary’s
Out from the cemetery
This winsome waif did bound
A spectre so enduring
As nectar so alluring
Bedecked so brash and daring
The wee punk of the town

With her lips as black as coal
A big pin through her nose
More rings than curtain poles
From her ears hanging down
But she looked something delicious
Though somewhat malnutritious
And I would be Sid Viscous
For the wee punk of the town

Her tongue it had a stud through
She was bald as Duncan Goodhew
But for the comb like a Cockatoo
That ran from nape to brow
It was pink and green and yellow
Made a peacock seem quite mellow
A right distinctive fellow
Was the wee punk of the town


Her tights were ripped and torn
She wore a kilt and sporran
With tattoos on her forearms
Of Crazy Arthur Brown
With her Dr. Marten boots on
She kicked a cat and a coke can
And spat like smoking Woodbine
The wee punk of the town


But how I would change my attire
For chains and nails and barbed wire
I’d stick my head in bleach for her
I’d bring that government down
For despite her fearsome fettle
I would lie in beds of nettles
I would pierce my eye with metal
For the wee punk of the town