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Hey Katie Taylor
"A tribute ditty to our gold medal olympic hero"
Finbar Magee & Stephen Housden - Box of Dreams
"Finbar Magee and Stephen Housden performing Box of Dreams in DeBarra's at the Couchroom Session in Clonakilty on the 13.07.2011."
Fin & Szil at Bryson's - From Galway to Graceland
"Afternoon session in Bryson's at Town & Country Festival 2011 in Magherafelt.
Szilvia sings Richard Thompson's From Galway to Graceland, accompanied by Finbar Magee."
The Wee Punk of the Town @ Spirit Store
"Sorry, the guitar is out of tune! I need my ears syringed.
Recorded 22/05/2011 in the Spirit Store in Dundalk at the regular Traditional Session.
This song won the Girvan Song Competition 2011"
The Ginger Gene - Ballydehob Folk Festival
 "A recitation lamenting the disapperance of ginger hair - recorded at the Ballydehob Folk Festival in Levi's bar April 2011"
TK Maxx - Finbar Magee at Celtic Connections 2011
"Finbar Magee's first song at the Open stage competition of the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow in 2011"
The Sun Always Shines on the 12th of July
"Finbar Magee performs his own style of observational humour. He was a popular addition to the Culture Bite lunchtime menu. This piece looks at why the Sun always shines at a certain time of year."
TK Maxx
"Dr Dreamy himself (yeah, he paid me to put that down in writing) giving a good oul' vallad of sex and shopping!"