Hey Katie Taylor

A tribute ditty to our gold medal olympic hero

Hey Katie Taylor

I thought women fighting
Was due to too much drink
I know that sounds stupid
But that's what I did think
One night on the TV
I saw this girl from Bray
Her name Katie Taylor
Now this is what I say

Hey Katie Taylor
The jewel of this isle
I love your foxy boxing
It really drives me wild
You set your heart on gold 
The pick of the bunch
Hey Katie Taylor
You made me proud as punch

For my honey's birthday
I bought her boxing gloves
A great big heavy punch bag
She couldn't get enough
Like a fish to water
She's thumping this and that
But later in the evening
She's like a pussycat

My darling needed protein
3 pounds of steak a day
Around a dozen eggs
And a kilo of whey
That's quite a hefty bill
But her Vodka bill was more
Now she's fit and sobre
Need I tell you more

Last night in Deano's
This great big ugly guy
Stole my pint of stout
Then ate my porkie fries
He says "what you looking at?"
Well I didn't have to rise
My darling took him out
With a lovely bunch of fives

To keep up with the action
Well I got active too
Joined a gymnasium
Lost a pound or two
They say I'm looking good
I'm inclined to agree
Were doing good Katie
And were touching 63