Box of Dreams -Finbar Magee & Stephen Housden

"Finbar Magee and Stephen Housden performing Box of Dreams in DeBarra's at the Couchroom Session in Clonakilty on the 13.07.2011."

This Old Box of Dreams - Lyrics

I've been through one hundred hands
Yours feel something new
Rub your thumb along my frets
I might just sing for you
I bust my grain on sad refrains
My trust rod needs redeemed
Raise my bridge, I'll scratch your itch
This old box of dreams

So long bargain basement
Hello six new strings
Let's turn loose a few killer tunes
With melodies that swing
Together we can make it
We'll roll them out in reams
You and me in harmony
This old boy of dreams

Knocked, slammed, hocked and damned
I once sat on Hank's right knee
Neck broke twice, lost in dice
By Nashville wannabes
But we'll turn heads, we'll knock them dead
They'll hang from bar room beams
See your name in the hall of fame
With this old box of dreams


Guitar solo


Copyright Finbar Magee